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2021 Congratulations! Taiwan Excellence Award Six-peat

CHLIEC won the "Taiwan Excellence Award", the highest honor in Taiwan's industry for six years.

This year, we also won total 5 items in Taiwan Excellence Award.
Winner list:

(1)Balanced High Speed Solenoid Valve-SWB 500

(2) Thin Vacuum Generator-VSL 12

(3)Thin Electro-Pneumatic Regulator-CVTR-S

(4)Electric Slide Cylinder-EDX

(5)Mechanical Rodless Cylinder –PRE

New Product ! Electric-cylinder Series

The brand new design Electric-cylinder Series. For ordering , Please feel free to contact your local distributor ,or email us at

more 2020/07/09

CHELIC Can Help! We kept the duty and did our best during the epidemic period.

Recently, the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (COVID-19) has spread, rising up the demand for mask equipment and medical equipment. Since the first day back of CNY, we have contacted related vendors and took the initiative Inquire about the supply of masks and problems. All

more 2020/04/14

CHELIC wins 2020 Taiwan Excellence Awards

Our products have been awarded the 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award.

more 2020/01/02

CHELIC wins 2019 Taiwan Excellence Awards

Our products have been awarded the 2019 Taiwan Excellence Award.

more 2019/01/02