R&D Center

Taiwan Chelic foresees the huge demand of automation equipment for smart factory and robotic application in next 5 years. However, the entire pneumatic industry has not stepped in Smart Auto manufacture and integration. Chelic has established Taiwan's very first "Power-Saving Smart Auto Pneumatic R&D Center", and been rewarded Ministry of Economic Affairs' "A+ Corporation Innovation Plan Subsidy", focusing on crucial technologies for smart automation and bring the whole pneumatic industry upgrade.

Energy-saving as development trend

Though Chelic has more than 300 thousand component items, we still pour R&D energy every year for more than 10 new products. R&D center keeps developing cutting-edge new technologies. Not only upgrading technology autonomy, cutting R&D cost, but also implement projects into mass production and speed up the release date. We target those high-end industries, e,g, electronics, automotive, food, medical(including pharmaceutical), auto assembly robots and new energy. We expect the R&D energy can transform to growth momentum. Chelic is one of the key player in automation industry. We focus on R&D, cultivate capabilities, expend company influence and upgrade competitive competence through "Power-Saving Smart Auto Pneumatic R&D Center".

Product design R&D department

Taiwan Chelic has accumulated more than 30 years’ experience in air pressure industry, integrating the technologies in material, molding, machining, electro-control and inspection. In recent years, Chelic has implemented 3D simulation software to simulate the electromagnetic field and fluid in product for upgrading product performance. Chelic R&D team is grouped and responsible for different product design and test.Furthermore, R&D team also collect and control data and drawings by PDM system. Technology is the most valuable asset to Chelic, so R&D team accumulate those development data, shorten product development time and keep refining product quality.

Equipment R&D department

Chelic's equipment R&D department is responsible to development for semi-auto/auto assembly machine and inspection machine, and also in charge of design and manufacture of manual assembly fixture and quality inspection machine, to ensure the production consistency and stability. All of the control programs in equipment are developed by equipment R&D team. Touch panels are implemented at the user interfaces. All of the production history will be collected and analyzed to assist R&D design and development.