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RM series Rotary Gripper

  • Integration of structure:The rotary cylinder and the mechanical gripper are integrated into one body. When the mechanical gripper rotates, the body does not rotate, and the air pipe won't cause the problem of entanglement.
  • Multi-directional installation:In addition to the mounting surfaces for fittings, there are mounting holes in the other directions
  • Automated control:The mechanical gripper is equipped with an inductive magnet. It can control with a sensor. Inductive magnet is optional, which the rotary cylinder can control with.
  • Combine rotary cylinder and gripper to rotary cylinder.
  • Multiple piping way. 6.Automatic controlling (Magnet embedded). 7.90°, 180° rotary and gripping. 8.Roller linear guide./Wedge bevel structure./3 finger centre gripping.


PR series Mechanically Joint Rodless Cylinder

  • Multiple piping way:Except the standard inlet and outlet positions, left or right side in option.
  • With pneumatic absorber:Optional pneumatic cushion can effectively reduce the piston shock force.
  • Automatic controlling:Magnet embedded to triggering by sensor switch.


SRM series Remote Control/Base Mounted Solenoid Valve

  • Expandable:Max. 12 manifolds.
  • Easy wiring:D-SUB connector.
  • Remote control:LCD digital display, analog output.


Linear Guide Parallel Type Air Gripper – HDZ series

The stainless gripping system is to prevent rustiness and preservatives. There are three types of finger screw threads allowing multiple jigs mountings. The gripper has a magnet embedded to sense with a sensor switch.Let me show you how the HDZ gripper plays in our automation equipment.


VQ20 series Energy-saving Vacuum Ejector

  • The vacuum ejector that won the 2018 Taiwan Excellence Award, The product install upright or sideways; Simple structure and easy to install and disassemble.
  • Modularization which can be changed easily base on different demands.
  • It achieve three performances of vacuum maintenance, generation and destruction!
  • Digital display of the pressure sensor can be visualized easily from the monitor,And it’s multifunctional and easy to operate.Actual machine application please refer to the video.


CHELIC X Taiwan Excellence - Excellent promoter for Automation Industry

CHELIC was founded in 1986, we specialized in manufacturing pneumatic and electric actuator automation components over 35 years. We have been dedicating our efforts in innovation and optimization, there are at least 10 new products launched each year. CHELIC has won Taiwan Excellence Awards, the highest accolades to those industrial companies, for the last six years. 2020 it’s the sixth consecutive year and total 37 products been chosen. We’ll keep progressing and do our best in the automation industry!


CHELIC Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition 2020.

CHELIC will bring you several new products and equipment. We have a double ensemble of piano and violin players equipment in 2020; Through automatic control and pneumatic components, the piano player can produce a beautiful melody. All kinds of pneumatic products from air units, actuators, rotary cylinders, vacuum series to automated pneumatic component modules. Don’t forget our grippers and rodless cylinders will display at our booth. Let's review this exhibition together!