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CHELIC Can Help! We kept the duty and did our best during the epidemic period.

Recently, the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (COVID-19) has spread, rising up the demand for mask equipment and medical equipment. Since the first day back of CNY, we have contacted related vendors and took the initiative Inquire about the supply of masks and problems. All colleagues in Chelic have made concerted efforts to the best of our ability.

In mid-February, the demand of mask machines were urgently increased. CHELIC delivered quickly within 10 hours after receiving the news, supporting the factory to resume work. CHELIC has also participated in providing related key components and solutions for anti-epidemic automation equipment for Taiwan Mask National Team. To hold every opportunities that CHELIC can support.

Please see our components for surgical mask and N95 series as machine parts for reference. We are pleased to receive your E-mail if there’s anything needed.

Chelic’s components for surgical mask.

Chelic’s components for N95 mask.

CHELIC slide table gripper – HDZ series, is characterized by stainless steel jaws, which was applied on surgical mask equipment.

RTM rotary cylinders are mainly used as key points for "turning over" and "changing direction" on mask machines. The picture shows the actual production of RTM in the plant.

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Our products have been awarded the 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award.

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Our products have been awarded the 2019 Taiwan Excellence Award.

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