Employee Benefits

Employee Benefit Measures

In addition to providing employees with labor insurance and national health insurance in accordance with the law, the company has an employee benefit committee to coordinate all kinds of employee benefit plans. The company has also established an employee stock holding association to provide employees with the option of a stock holding trust for long-term investment as well as acquisition and management of the company’s shares, and to assist its members in long-term savings, investment management and wealth accumulation to ensure their future life stability. At present, the company provides employee group insurance, birthday bonus, special holiday bonus (gift), year-end party, employee stock option and dividend, subsidy for employee wedding, funeral and emergency relief, etc. A year-end bonus may also be granted according to the company’s earning status.

Employee Learning and Training

The company provides diversified training courses and various professional on-the-job training sessions, including new employees’ training, on-the-job training, labor safety and health training, professional courses, etc.; department heads may send their staff to participate in courses and training organized by external organizations as needed, and employees may also attend such training on their own, in order to improve employees’ professional ability and core competitiveness, and provide employees with comprehensive training and learning channels.

Retirement System and Implementation

In order to improve the security of employees’ living after retirement and strengthen the relationship between labor and management, the company, in accordance with the regulations on workers’ pension, allocates 6% of the total salary of the employee to the special account of the employee’s personal pension at the Insurance Bureau on a monthly basis.

Labor–Management Agreement

Agreement between labor and management and various employee rights protection measures. The company has been following the government’s laws and regulations and pays attention to the rights of employees. The measures of employee recruitment, resignation, retirement and various employee benefits are all based on the Labor Standard Act and relevant laws and regulations to maintain a good interaction between labor and management. In the future, the company will make efforts to perfect the employee benefit measures to maintain a harmonious relationship between labor and management, in order to eliminate the possibility of labor disputes.

EHS Policy

To maintain the working environment and protect employees' safety, the company has set up a strict access control monitoring system 24 hours and signed a contract with a security company to maintain the safety.

In accordance with the company's Labor Safety and Health Management Regulations

  • Daily maintenance and inspection of office, parking lot, machines and equipment.
  • Monthly maintenance and inspection of air conditioners, first aid kits, lifts and other equipment.
  • Quarterly maintenance and inspection of air quality, electrical equipment and other equipment.
  • Annual maintenance and inspection of fire-fighting equipment and other equipment.

Committed to urging colleagues to follow the following measures:

  • Comply with laws and regulations related to labor safety, health and environmental protection and other requirements.
  • Reduce the potential risk factors in the working environment and the probability of accidents and purchase casualty insurance.
  • Strengthen the dissemination of health education and implement annual health examination and implement health tracing management.
  • Carry out safety inspection of fire protection, electromechanical equipment and air conditioning. Ensure the environment is safe to protect the personal safety of employees and secure company assets.
  • Advocate energy conservation, prevent pollution, implement recycling and effectively use resources.