Vacuum Equipment
PS series Non-contact Gripper

The aluminum alloy body has 3 suction cup diameters with a max. lifting force of 4.6 N.

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  • Without vacuum ejector

    A positive pressure is applied through form adequate. The exhaust of this air goes trough of low pressure and gets a vacuum aspiring any kind of object.
  • Contactless handling

    This contactless handling is due to the pressure between the gripper and workpieces.
Model PS20, PS40, PS60 Fluid Air
Pressure range (Mpa) 0.1~0.7 Temperature (°C) 5~60
Port size M3, M5 Air consumption (L/min) 80~190
Lifting force (N) 1~4.6 Weight (g) 15~135
Material aluminum die cast

Vacuum Equipment
VP series Vacuum Saving Valve

Operating vacuum pressure range: 0 ~ -92 kPa; Operating pressure range: 0 ~ 7 kgf/cm².

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  • Installation easily

    Small size, applicable with pad and easy to assembly.
  • Prevent vacuum vanish

    Applicable with multiple vacuum pads to keep the vacuum pressure from vanish.
  • Variety specifications

    Applicable with multiple connecting options.
Fluid Air Port size M8x1.25p, Ø6
Ambient and fluid temperature (℃) 5~60 Material Copper alloy, NBR, Stainless steel


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PS series Non-contact Gripper

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VP Series Vacuum Saving Valve

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