Vacuum Equipment
MVS series Miniature Vacuum Cylinder

Bore size: Ø6, Ø10; Acting: Double acting; Stroke: 10, 15mm.

  • Lightweight:

    Lightweight and space-saving.
  • Easy to install:

    The vacuum pad can be installed directly without the need to design a jig.
Model MVS Type Standard
Bore size (Ømm) 6, 10 Acting Double acting
Pressure range (kgf/cm²) 2~7

Vacuum Equipment
DYC series Vacuum Cylinder

Bore size: Ø25, Ø40; Operation: Single acting;
Stroke: 25 ~ 300mm.

  • PDF
  • Easy to use:

    Apply with vaccum pump directly, cylinder is not required.
  • Vacuum break:

    Vacuum break included to release the object
Model DYC Type Standard
Port size 25, 40 Acting Single acting
Pressure range (kgf/cm²) 1.5~6


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