Vacuum Equipment
EV series Vacuum Ejector

Pressure range: 0.1~1.6 Mpa; Max. Vacuum pressure: -91.8 kPa; Max. suction flow: 225 L/min; Aluminum alloy body.

  • Negative pressure easily to be generated

    Negative pressure is generated by aor pressure
  • Easy to change

    Filter can be changed easily when conjection occurs.
  • Diversification

    Diverse types in suction pad's diameter
Fluid Air Pressure range (Mpa) 0.1~1.6
Max. Vacuum pressure (kPa) -91.8 Model EV-05, EV-10, EV-15, EV-20, EV-25, EV-30
Nozzle size Ø0.5, Ø1.0, Ø1.5, Ø2.0, Ø2.5, Ø3.0 Suction flow (L/min) 6~225 (By nozzle size)
Air consumption (L/min) 13~385 (By nozzle size) Temperature range (°C) 0~60
Material Aluminum alloy body, plastic: NYLON, PBT Port size RC1/8~3/4
Pressure Switch/Model S With switch type, SK With switch and adjustable type Pressure Switch/range S =-39.9 kPa, SK =-46.6 kPa
Pressure Switch/ Model AC125V: 5A, AC250V: 3A Pressure Switch/Nozzle size (kPa) ± 5.3
Pressure Switch/Output Switch Output

Vacuum Equipment
EVM series Control Valve Type Vacuum Ejector

Pressure range: 1~6 kgf/cm²;
Max.Vacuum pressure: 8 kgf/cm²; Fluid: air;
Use the vacuum function, combined with the suction cup to transport the components.

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  • Use positive pressure to generate negative pressure.

    Easy to replace the filter.

    Many nozzle diameter specifications.

    With control valve to control the switch.

    With micro switch sensor.

Fluid Air Pressure range (kgf/cm²) 1~6
Max. Vacuum pressure (kPa) -91.8 Model EVM-1005, EVM-1007, EVM-1010, EVM-1012, EVM-1515, EVM-2020
Nozzle size Ø0.5mm, Ø0.7mm, Ø1.0mm, Ø1.2mm, Ø1.5mm, Ø2.0mm Suction flow (L/min) 6.4, 12, 26, 33, 58, 102
Temperature range (°C) 0~60 Material Aluminum alloy body
Port size 1/8~1/2 Valve type SR2-100
Electrical entry L, T, W Rated voltage 24±10%VDC
Power consumption (w) 1.4 Pressure Switch/Model S With switch, SK Adjustable
Pressure Switch/Model S With switch= -39.9 kPa, SK Adjustable= -46.6 kPa Pressure switch / Electrical rating (kPa) AC125V: 5A, AC250V: 3A
pressure switch / Repeatability (kPa) ± 5.3 Pressure Switch/Output Switch Output


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