Air Source Units
Shut-off Valve - UHS series

Port size:Rc 1/4, Rc 3/8, Rc 1/2

  • OHSA standard:

    OHSA standard, with locking-hole to prevent incorrection.
  • Operation safety:

    Status can be visualized when both air inhalation and exhalation. To avoid incorrection, dual press-down actions are required for activating air inhalation.
  • Modularize structure:

    Modularize with U series.
Applicable fluid Air Port size Rc 1/4, Rc 3/8, Rc 1/2
Max. pressure range 10 kg/cm² Pressure range 0~8.5 kg/cm²
Ambient and fluid temperature °C 5~60℃ Weight 0.33kg

Shut-off Valve - UHS seriesS