Standard cylinder
Miniature cylinder - FDA Series

Bore size:Ø20, Ø30, Ø40,Acting:Double acting,Stroke:25~300mm。

  • Pneumatic cushion:

    Embbeded with rubber gasket to absorb impact from piston movement to perform better absorbtion result, pneumatic-cushion type is recommanded
  • Accessory :

    Different accessories in selections
Type Standard Double-rod
Bore size (Ømm) 20, 30, 40 20, 30, 40
Acting Double acting Double acting
Pressure range (kgf/cm²) 1~8.5 1~8.5

Standard cylinder
Block cylinder - DBT Series

Bore size:Ø25, Ø30, Ø40,Acting:Double acting,Stroke:25~300mm。

  • Different assembly angle:

    The square front cap can be mounted directly with machine, there are 5 sides can be chosed.
  • Piston not rotating:

    Single piston and double-rod piston that provide simple without rotating fuction.
  • Easy installation:

    Rod end with round slide design is to provide payload assembly requirement
Model DBT
Type Standard
Bore size (Ømm) 25, 30, 40
Acting Double acting
Pressure range (kgf/cm²) 1~8.5