• to establish or amend the internal manage-ment system and the effectiveness of the system• The resolution involves matters of directors' own interests•Review or approve major matters related to the company• Review the acceptable expression of financial reports Auditcommittee • Planning and implementing various quality policies, supervi-sion and ensuring the implemen-tation of quality system and quality certification• Responsible for raw materials purchase, supplier management, material storage and storage planning and management• Plan and execute production scheduling, product manufactur-ing, assembly and test ship- • Responsible for R&D, manufac-turing and related project man-agement and execution of auto-mation equipment• Responsible for the develop-ment, manufacturing and related project management and execu-tion of automated components • Planning and executing sales, customer development and follow-up relationship mainte-nance for automated pneumatic components • Responsible for fund scheduling, accounting document review, financial statements and budge-ing, financial and management information matters • Responsible personnel recruit-ment, appointment, salary and human resources related opera-tions• Responsible for the development and maintenance of information systems, assessment and imple-mentation of information matters Generalmanagementoffice Sales office R&D Design Office Manufacturing office • to establish and revise the process of internal management system• to access all task processes, report audit results, trace missings and improve effectiveness• to draft company's audit plans and execute audit task Auditing office Generalmanagementoffice • In charge of sales activities• Responsible for the development and promotion of management policies• To execute management, planning and various operational policy activities • To manage overseas subsidaries and sub-subsidaries Chairman CEO Shareholders' meeting • to plan the company's business operations and poli-cies, set operational goals, and appoint the company's main managers to carry out the implementation of the company's business, and other authorized resolutions to approve the chairman's decision • to formulate the policy system and standards for performance appraisal and salary remuner-ation of company directors and managers. And to evaluate regularly the remuneration of directors and managers of the company Compensation committee Board of directors