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Taiwan's first "Pneumatic Components Energy-saving Intelligent R & D Center", it was established in the CHELIC on 13 April. We will actively carry out intelligent automation and mechanical and electrical integration components of research and development, leading the transformation of the aerodynamic industry. R & D center has been officially launched on May 1

Our R & D center is mainly locked in the development of three major technical areas:

1. 「Pressure control technology to save gas consumption」

2. 「High efficiency vacuum system technology」

3. 「Digital Control and Internet of Things Communication Technology」

The future will be towards energy-saving targets, removal rate, filtration accuracy and other high-end specifications development is expected within two years of mass production and energy saving and both the function of the pneumatic components.

CHELIC’s products have been as high as more than 30,000, but each year continued to invest in research and development, independent development of more than 10 series of new products. The establishment of R & D center will continue to develop forward-looking new technology, in addition to enhance the autonomy of technology and reduce development costs, but also will accelerate the transformation of R & D finished production and listing time.

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