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Chelic's pandemic prevention escalated, we are incumbent on together with you!

Due to the COVID-19 situation arise again, Chelic has been carrying out risk control and implement self-health monitoring inside of the company. To reduce the risk of infection, all visitors declined and each Chelic member conducts a restriction of entrance protocol to the company. Thus, with such efficient action for facing pandemic, Chelic’s entire operation firm and steady by far; For committing corporate responsibility, Chelic pursued higher standards as well as prudent actions.

On the management side that requests a period to proceed to sanitize all working areas and strengthen the self-hygiene of employees. The production departments have implemented diversion control to reduce personnel movement in the buildings for lowering the risk of infection. Furthermore, an RMP (Risk Management Plan) was legislated for making sure a smooth and stable supply chain during the pandemic period. At the salesforce operation level, all sales team before proceed online meeting and phone-call as firsthand service for precluding direct contact.

On the administrative side, that request all visitors prohibited and provide employees the newest pandemic prevention information to share with employees’ family. Furthermore, legislated a pandemic prevention protocol:

  • All employees must have their temperature checked before entering the building. Each must wear a mask until leaving the building.
  • Non-necessary visitors do not allow to enter.
  • Stay at least 1.5 meters away from each working seat.
  • All meeting rooms not allowed to used and inner online meeting suggested If face-to-face meeting needed, must be under 5 people and keep 1.5-meter distance.
  • All contact surfaces must be sanitized each hour such as elevator buttons and handrails.

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