Stakeholder Identification and Communication

Chelic attaches great importance to its communication with stakeholders including employees, customers, shareholders, investors and suppliers. On one hand, it performs relevant work in accordance with the requirements of the competent authority; on the other hand, it actively establishes communication channels with stakeholders and timely reflects internal and external opinions to the management team as the basis for future decisions.

Responses and Responsibilities to Stakeholders

Chelic always adheres to a stable business strategy and financial operation, and protects the rights and interests of stakeholders with a sustainable management attitude. In addition to designating relevant personnel to respond to the concerns of stakeholders, the company actively promotes its corporate value.

Ever since its listing, Chelic has been continuously giving back to all shareholders with stable operating results and dividends, and providing investors with accurate and real-time financial figures. All announcements required to be released in accordance with the regulations of the competent authority are published on MOPS.

For customers

Miss Huang, Operation Sales Office


Customer service/customer communication

For employees

Miss Chang, HR Section


Salary and benefits/employee communication

For shareholders/institutional investors

Miss Wang, Stock Affairs Section


Shareholders’ meetings/seminars for institutional investors

CSR related cooperation

For suppliers/government agencies/public associations/neighborhood residents

Mr. Huang, Management Department


Participation of suppliers/government agencies/public associations/neighborhood residents in the functions and operations of relevant units