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Chelic's pandemic prevention escalated, we are incumbent on together with you!

In response to the rise of the domestic epidemic, Taiwan Chili has comprehensively reviewed the possible impact of the epidemic, carried out risk control, implemented self-health management of personnel, and strictly controlled the entry and exit of personnel, suspending foreign guests entering the company to reduce the risk of infection. At present, the operation of the Taiwan Qili factory is not affected in any way, and will uphold corporate responsibility and actively face the development of the epidemic with higher standards and prudent actions.

At the factory management level, Qili strengthens the disinfection and cleaning work of the factory area and the self-hygiene management of employees. The production line is divided into sub-distribution and control to reduce the movement of personnel. At the same time, in order to avoid any impact on the supply chain caused by the epidemic, a risk control system has been formulated. Manage the contingency plan to ensure the stability of the supply chain. At the business operation level, to avoid unnecessary face-to-face gatherings and activities, the priority is to use telephone or communication software to communicate, and to provide customer-related consulting services.

At the administrative level, in addition to suspending all guests from entering the company, the company regularly provides employees with the latest epidemic prevention information to ensure the health of colleagues and their families. Other relevant epidemic prevention measures are as follows:

Personnel entering the company need to have their body temperature checked and wear masks throughout the process.

Non-essential personnel and guests such as general visitors and suppliers are prohibited from entering the factory area.

Indoor seating must maintain a distance of more than 1.5 meters.

All inter-departmental meetings are suspended, and communication is made by telephone or internal communication software; if necessary, the number of people in a meeting should be kept within 5 people indoors, and the conversation distance should be extended to more than 1.5 meters.

For public elevator buttons, handrails and other easy-to-reach places, spray and disinfect with alcohol every hour.

2021 Congratulations! Taiwan Excellence Award Six-peat

CHLIEC won the "Taiwan Excellence Award", the highest honor in Taiwan's industry for six years. 2020 it’s the sixth consecutive year and total 37 products been chosen. This year, we also won total 5 items in Taiwan Excellence Award.

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New Product ! Electric-cylinder Series

The brand new design Electric-cylinder Series. For ordering , Please feel free to contact your local distributor ,or email us at

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CHELIC Can Help! We kept the duty and did our best during the epidemic period.

Recently, the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (COVID-19) has spread, rising up the demand for mask equipment and medical equipment. Since the first day back of CNY, we have contacted related vendors and took the initiative Inquire about the supply of masks and problems. All

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CHELIC wins 2020 Taiwan Excellence Awards

Our products have been awarded the 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award.

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