Control valves
300/500 Solenoid valve assembly-SRVB series

SR300 and SR500 valve body can be used, the number of parallel connection is 2~12, and the length of D-sub connector cable is 1~3m.

  • Multi-Solenoid valve assembly control:

    Parallel 2~12 solenoid valves with double coil. Connect by D-SUB , cable length 1~3M.
  • Free choice:

    Easy to setting the wiring system. You can collocation with solenoid valve SR300/SR500. Assembly control can save the wire fee.
Valve Model SR300、SR500 caliber M5、Rc1/8、φ4、φ6、φ8
Number of positions 5 port 2 positions、5 port 3 positions、3 port 2 positions Number of coils Single coil、Double coil
Pressure range kgf/cm2 1.5~7 Voltage 12Vdc、24Vdc
Number of seats 2~12 Temperature range ℃ 0~50

300/500 Solenoid valve assembly-SRVB series

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