Slide Table Cylinder
Recirculating linear guide - MDQ series

Bore size: Ø6 ~ Ø25;Operation: Double acting;Standard stroke: 10 ~ 150mm。

  • Stainless material:

    Slider components in stainless material preventing rust and corrosion.
  • Recirculating ball type:

    The recirculating ball type design to give heavy supporting which spread rail slot properly.
  • Two pistons:

    The two pistons design giving double force and reduce slider structure.
  • For automation controlling:

    Applicable with sensor switch device for automated control.
Model HDQ、HDQL Type Standard
Bore size Ø mm 6、8、12、16、20、25 Type of actuation Double acting
Pressure range (kgf/cm2) 1 ~ 8.5 kgf/cm2

Slide Table Cylinder
Slide Table Cylinder - MDX series

Bore size:Ø6~Ø25,Operation:Double acting,Standard stroke:10~150mm。

  • Adopt a cross roller guide which is suitable for light load to high load operation.
  • Optional absorber can effectively reduce the piston shock force.
  • Providing MDX and MDXL installation forms can be symmetric used side by side.
Type Standard Symmetrical
Bore size φmm 6、8、12、16、20、25 6、8、12、16、20、25
Operation Double acting Double acting
Pressure range kgf/cm2 1~8.5 1~8.5